Available services

Disabled and fragile people:

  • access to the coast with walkways, chairs for the disabled and chairs JOB for access to the sea;
  • accompanying service aimed at ensuring the assistance of the disabled;
  • installation of first aid station in Cala Brandinchi;
  • showers and toilets available in Lu Impostu, Brandinchi Nord and Brandinchi Sud;
  • opening new municipal parking area Cala Brandinchi north (in via Cala Pulgatorio direction camping).


When can I book Cala Brandinchi?

Bookings from the accesses will start from 18:00 on June 13, 2023 and will be booked exclusively for the second day following (for example, for the day 11/07 you can book from 18:00 on the day 09/07), subject to availability.

How much do you pay to enter Cala Brandinchi?

The rates in force for the year 2023 are:

  • Free access for: residents, children under 12 years, people with disabilities;
  • € 1.00 per: subjects TARI in the Municipality of San Teodoro guests of accommodation facilities in the territory, beach concessions;
  • € 2.00 for everyone else.
  • You pay by credit card or Paypal.
  • Once the procedure has been completed, you will receive the booking code in QR format by email to be shown at the entrance, where the identification bracelet will be given.

WARNING: the reservation system is valid only for booking and access to the beaches of Lu Impostu and Cala Brandinchi and does not include any parking fees.

On the site it will also be possible to check in real time the possible residual availability of access to the free beach.

Cala Brandinchi and Lu Impostu regulation:

  • the regulation provides for: the prohibition to remove not only the sand, but any element constituting the natural fabric of the beach;
  • the prohibition of smoking except in specifically designated areas; itinerant trade is permitted only to authorized operators;
  • that animals are allowed in compliance with the bathing ordinance of the Sardinia Region;
  • the ban on single-use plastic entering the beach; the prohibition of shows and events and beaches with stages or other structures, including removable ones.