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The production of honey follows the cycle of the seasons, as some farms are small and family-run, production is limited.

sardisch geschmack

This year we decided to give our guests the opportunity to take some flavor of Sardinia on the tables.
Below we present some typical local products that we also consume regularly, made by us and by excellent quality Gallura companies. Choose Sardinian excellence!
You can choose Sardinian pecorino cheese with different ages, the extra virgin oil produced by an Association of Gallura private farmers like us and an excellent choice of red, white and rose wines, honey, spreads and other delicious products.

On request we can try to send you the products you prefer, if they are not present in the list.

Luca and Francesca

Choose your favorite products:

€ 9,50

Lavender honey 500g

€ 9,50

Thistle honey 500g

€ 9,50

Mediterranean scrub honey 500g

€ 11,50

Arbutus bitter honey 500g

€ 9,50

Wildflower honey 500g

€ 9,50

Honey from the hills of Gallura 500g

€ 14,00

eucalyptus honey 500g

€ 12,00

mountain wildflower honey 500g


wildflower honey 500g

€ 12,00

Abbamele 500g

€ 12,00

strawberry tree honey 500g

€ 8,00

Wildflower honey and saffron. 106,50g

€ 17,00

White truffle oil. 40ml

€ 18,50

Cream of basil, walnuts and bianchetto truffle. 100g

€ 16,80

Wildflower honey with orange peel and black truffle. 100g

€ 17,00

Black truffle cream. 50g

€ 18,50

Cream of artichokes, bottarga and bianchetto truffle. 100g

€ 22,50

Bianchetto truffle cream. 200g

€ 18,50

Mullet bottarga and bianchetto truffle. 100g

€ 18,50

Dried tomato cream with black truffle. 100g

€ 17,50

Olive cream with black truffle. 50g

€ 18,50

Olive cream with black truffle. 100g

€ 11,00

Sardinian mullet bottarga. 70g

€ 6,20

Sardinian mullet bottarga. 40g

€ 12,20

Sardinian mullet bottarga. 100g

€ 7,40

Sardinian mullet bottarga. 50g

€ 14,00

Stone-ground monococcum wheat Carasau 500g

€ 20/kg

Papassini dry biscuits

€ 12,50

la casa di alice oli evo
Extra virgin olive oil 700ml

Here you will find some products that we have personally selected for you, they are all products of excellent quality and from local producers. Choose the ones you want to receive at home.

Contact us to place your order or for more information.

Luca and Francesca

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